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I am new to Knime and BIRT. I have just grouped a table in Knime and I am trying to export it to BIRT. I can do that with nice formatting BUT there are no output for TOTALS in BIRT. Do I need to create an aggregation for each column? What happens with these aggregations when I update the imported files running in the Knime workflow? They seem to go away…

Also I am trying to import some output from the pivoting node to BIRT and it does not work well with the different columns and grand totals. Do I need to use a Cross-Tab? Have you got any examples of this?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @Charlie20,

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Creating a column sum is quite easy in BIRT.
First create your output in the KNIME workflow. Then use the

node to export the data to BIRT.

Now open BIRT (using the diagram button). Then create a table in your BIRT report and bind it to your data.
The table in BIRT has a footer. Here you can select a column in the footer and put dynamic data in here. In the bindings for the data you can select for example the sum over the table.


Hi @knimediger. Thank you for your answer. I see that people are very active and helpful in this forum.

I guess that I tried that. Not sure whether the binding to the data requires pressing some option or just dragging the table to the report is enough.

The problem is that when I change the underlying data files (keeping the work process the same) / so I upload a new file, refresh the workflow… THEN the aggregations and totals go away. Is this normal? Does it happen by you too? Or are you creating a report for a single use?

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Hello @Charlie20,

Of course there is no need to generate a report each time after running a KNIME workflow.

May I draw you attention to this video
It descrbes how to cretae a BIRT report with KNIME.
You can also find a description of this process on

The only thing not mentioned in the video is your wish to place a sum under one column.
For that you add in one of the footer columns ^the aggregation: Right-click in the footer field, choose Insert-Aggregation and select the function SUM.
That should add the last step for your requirement.

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Thank you for your efforts in helping. I can create a report, this is not a problem.

The issue is with the aggregation at the footer. Now it seems to run. I assume that I had an issue with the characteristics of the variables to be added.

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Hi @Charlie20,

if I got it right you managed to solve it so glad to hear that.

Anyways for more Reporting with BIRT examples have a look at workflows from Examples Server which are also available on KNIME Hub.


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