Blindly develop without executing previous nodes

Hi all,

We need to know if it’s possible to « blindly » develop without executing previous nodes (nor seeing their results) ?

Let me explain. « I » develop my workflow with local KAP but to be GDPR friendly, « I » can’t execute it cauz I haven’t direct access rigths to the data. Only KS has these rigths.

So there is a schema to sum up:

  • KO : [KAP] => [stronghold bastion Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) DataLake]
  • OK : [KAP] => [KS] => [HDP DataLake]

Our infra for now is KS 4.8 and KAP 3.7.1 and we would like to upgrade to KS and KAP latest versions.

Thanks for help.

I do not fully get your abbreviations but if you are dealing with a big data environment you could use this node to create a fully functional local version

And later switch out the real big data environment. It would need some planning but I have done this before. It looked looks something like this collection. One local big data one the real thing.

You could put your nodes in a meta node or component so it would be easier to maintain. The production workflow would just subscribe to your meta nodes.

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