Blob tool to convert HEX encoded Binary Data into Blob field


I have some SAP data that has been exported to CSV files. We are not allowed to connect directly to SAP.

I need to convert HEX encoded Binary Data into a Blob or take HEX encoded Binary Data and create an actual file. I found a web site that shows exactly how to do what I need to do but it is using Alteryx, not KNIME. Any ideas how I can do this in KNIME?

Is that “Hex” format Base64? Then you can use this node from Palladian:

And the other way round:


Thank you, I managed to install that node but it didn’t work. I’m totally stuck with this issue :frowning:

Can you provide more details about what exactly isn’t working? In example workflow with your data will also be helpful. Happy to have a look then!

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