Blurred, unreadable table contents after scrolling

Hi guys,

I'm running Knime for linux 64bit on a Debian GNU/Linux 7.3 (wheezy) with Gnome and in general everything work very well. Anyway when I have a table opened and I scroll the contents in horizontal way, the table contents become like blurred and unreadable. Luckily when I select some table cells everything returns readable again but this is a very annoying behavior.

Please, do you have some suggestion to fix it?


Hi Gio, 

We have seen this before, but believe the problem has to do with either the window management system or java, and may be resolvable by updating one of these. 


Hi Aaron,

Thanks a lot for the hint. I will try what you suggested.


Hi together,

I'm observing a similar problem when changing the size of a table window (typically enlarging it) on a win x64 system with KNIME 2.9.4 (i7, 16GB RAM, SSD).

The window boarders appeat to be blurred and the content of the table is not shown when the window is enlarged. However when you close and reopen the table again, all the content is shown in the previously "enlarged" size.

Is there a preference or setting that can be optimized to avoid this behavior?

Please find an example attached (I know the statistics does not make much sense, it just to illustrate the problem ;).


I guess you experience the same problem. It is not required to close, enough to minimize and reopen.

Cheers, gabor

Hi gabor,

yes might well be.
Let's see what novelties the update will bring...

Thanks for the reference anyways.