Boolean input not working with IF Switch

Hello guys,

just discovered that the Boolean Input node connected to the IF Switch Port Choice, always activate both paths regardeless of the input state.

Is this a known bug?


Hi robomotic,

we currently do not have boolean flow variables. So the boolean input node returns 0 or 1.

The If switch node however expects the flow variable to be a string containing top or bottom.

If you use the case switch node, you can directly use the flow variable from the boolean input.

It doesn't matter if you only use two of the options, the node will just ignore the others.

Cheers, Iris 

Hi @Iris !

Are there any plans to change that?
It is indeed quite unintuitive. Why not allow both, i.e. interpret 1 as top and 0 as bottom internally in the node?
Would love that feature. Saves a lot of Edit Variable nodes.


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I’ll answer myself.
I randomly found this other post, where real boolean variables are said to be in active development.

I will ping our dev team after the release and ask them :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Actually, I did some further research and the Boolean Configuration and Boolean Widget (but not the Boolean Input) nodes now do support boolean variables as their output.
Unfortunately, the IF-Switch still does not recognize them as such and – what’s maybe worse – silently uses the “both” option, as mentioned above. Would be nice to have in a future release.

One last related thing. The “Rule Engine Variable” node does not handle/show Boolean variables. I was trying to use it to convert the variable to the “top”/“bottom” string.
One has to tick the “Output integer variable” box in the boolean input node(s).

Hello @jpfeuffer,

Some nodes still don’t support new flow variable types. Will add +1 on corresponding ticket.

How about IF Switch (Flow Variable Value) node from Vernalis extension? Maybe it can help you reduce number of nodes…


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Thank you for your comment. Interesting. It looks like it most definitely would.