Boolean variable from string manipulation (variable)

Hi guys,
I have an error message when I try to create a Boolean variable with the String Manipulation (Variable) node.
Its kind of a workaround for not using the java Edit Variable node :stuck_out_tongue:
But since it works to create Double variable for instance, I though it would for Boolean too

Actually the node does not throw an error when the config window is oked, just when the node is executed.
ERROR String Manipulation (Variable) 0:288 Configure failed (RuntimeException): Invalid variable class: class

EDIT: Actually with the java variable nodes I could not generate a Boolean variable neither. So I just use a Boolean configuration input trapped in a metanode to not show up in the configuration of the parent component.

Hi there @l.thomas,

new flow variables types (Boolean included) are not supported in String Manipulation (Variable) node. Have created ticket to support it (internal reference: AP-13940). Currently workaround is to go to table and then use Table Column to Variable or Table Row to Variable.



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