BooleanCell, where are you?

Hello everybody, I am French.

I am writing a node. Actually, the input is my own datatype which stores a vector of bitset and other optional informations. The problem is a bitVector can not be used by other nodes. I would use this data for example to compare result of K-Means with my node.

So I think of replacing my bitvector cell into multiple BooleanCell. But there are not BooleanCell implemented so I tested with Intcell in which I store 0 or 1. I have good results, my node does what I want it to do and is compatible with other nodes. But an int is very expensive in memory.

I would like to know which method is better to get compatibility with all nodes and get a minimum of memory. I could create a BooleanCell but could this class be used by other Node? It would be a good thing if in FileReader we can choose bool for the data type of a column and other node like DatabaseReader/Writer.