Bounding Box Annotation Tool for Object Detection via the WebPortal / Server

I’ve been trying to find a way to use the nodes: “Interactive Annotator” and “Interactive Labeling Editor” to build a bounding box annotation tool that is accessible via the WebPortal / Server.

From my limited understanding both of these nodes are of type “Source” (Orange) and not of type “Visualizer” (Blue).

Is it possible to somehow use these nodes as Visualizers? Or would I need to make something using the “Generic JavaScript View” node with a D3.js dependency instead?

I’ve also looked into trying to use the “Labeling View” node, but I don’t think it can give me the flexibility to add/remove manually drawn areas via user inputs.

I’m looking to create something similar to the image below.

Dear @Prodje,

The nodes that you have mentioned (Interactive Annotator as well as Interactive Labeling Editor) are currently not supported by WebPortal. Those nodes rely on Java for their implementation instead of JavaScript, which is a requirement for widgets on WebPortal.

Best regards,

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