Box-Plot as Report

In my workflow there are some Box-Plot, now I need to show them in a report. How can I do that? In the Chart Report Item there's not a Box-plot.



There is a box plot under the stock category of the chart report item.  It mashes to gether very nicely with transposed output of the conditional box plot node.  Attached is an example. 

Regards, Aaron

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Im also new to knime and wanted to integreat boxplots into my reports. And the one you posted is perfectly fine for my needs. But I coudn't find it under the "stock category" of the chart report item. Do I have to install another package? Or do I need to paste the .zip-file you attached somewere?

I would be glad if someone could clarify

no the boxplot is installed out of the box...

You need to add a new chart to your report and than select Stock. Afterwards there are two subtypes available. Candle Stick and Bar Stick....


What do you get when you follow these steps? Can you post  a screenshot?

Thank you very much. It works perfectly fine. 

I'm just not a native English speaker and misunderstood the comment of Aaron Hart.


Thank you

Ah, so my denglisch was better ;)

(Aaron is a native speaker, I am german)