Box Plot - Name in outliers marks (x)

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Is it possible to assign names to the outliers as in the attached figure?

The attached workflow contains the standard table and boxplot.

box_plot_names_forum.knwf (9.0 KB)

Hi @darth_cruz -

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a great way to do this at the moment. The closest approximation I found was to use a RowID node to set the RowID equal to the Municipio column, and then you can see it, but only when you mouseover. Here I used the Violin Plot (Plotly) node since the tooltips are more prominent, but it works with the Box Plot too:

Ultimately, to get exactly what you want I think a bit of Python/R/Javascript scripting would be required.

Hi @ScottF !

I won’t use scripts in R or Python cause I’m looking for a “no code solution”.
Can you attach your workflow please?

Tks a lot!

Hello @darth_cruz ,

I believe the workflow with the Violin Plot should be something similar.

Hope it helps!

box_plot_names_forum_vs2.knwf (13.3 KB)

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