Boxplot (local) - Sort by different orders / Edit visualization / Export to XSL


I am a newbie to Knime and I am just getting started. I successfully :slightly_smiling_face: made a box plot on a table and I am now searching for ways to

a) sort the box plots by different orders (ascending etc.)
→ tried the conditional box plot but I always get the error message No column in spec compatible to “NominalValue”.

b) edit the visualization (add smaller steps on the y axis)

c) export the box plot as XSL

I have googled my way through but I am just not able to find solutions to these issues. I would be super grateful if someone can help me!

HI @sedpes

Thank you for posting your query on KNIME forum. Box plot nodes render box plot as an image, since you are plotting multiple box plots, it is not possible to tweak the y-axis at the moment. We can certainly record this as a feature request.

However, to reorder the box plots you can always use a Column Resorter node to your data table and reorder the columns to get the order of box plots that you desire. Once the box plot is rendered, you can use “Image Writer” node to write the image to the disk.




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