Break cell to multiple columns

Dear Ivan,

Sorry for the disturb.
I would like to ask some help.

I have some multi-line texts. Every block contains ID, date, text type, free form text, etc.

Because the text is not structured, I do not know how many lines the block contains. I can use One Row to Many, Math Formula, Column Experrion nodes, but is isn’t goog for me.

I would like extract some main information.

  • Every first row in ID (I would like to take it in new column).
  • Make new call directon column (If ID number equal to From then → outgoing, if ID=To, then incoming the direction)
  • I would like to make two column each of From/To. It contain just the phone number.
  • If possible, i woulkd like take separated column the text. Text bein from “:”

Unfortunatley I cant find any solution to extract from multi lines rows some main information.

If you give me some help or some usful solution, it was great.

Multi_text_extract.knwf (17.9 KB)

Thank you.

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I assume that your input Data is available as in your example.
Then a Regex-Node might be a solution…
Filter in the node for each of the prefixes and them in a column each.

The rest is just comparing the found values.

Hello @janszky_nav,

sry for late response. I have moved your question to new topic as one where you first posted was not related. (And in general you want to open new topic for each question you have. Unless really closely related and topic relatively new.)

Now to your question/problem. Don’t know have you solved it but here is one way to tackle it. Idea is to split cell based on new line character, then have everything in one column to manipulate it easier and then finish it off with Pivoting node to get desired output. Here is workflow example based on your input data.
Multi_text_extract_ipazin.knwf (35.9 KB)

I haven’t done logic for new call direction column as I believe you can now get it pretty easy using Rule Engine node.



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