Breakdown yearly revenue by date

Hi there, I’m having a small issue. I am comparing data from 2 systems, one is the CRM and the other our invoicing system. This is for reconciliation purposes.

The invoicing data is broken down into revenue per month.

The issue is with the CRM data, this is yearly, but has a closing date.
I want to break it down into months by diving revenue/12, but spread it over the months of the year following the close date. Let me exemplify.


Hello @filipisai,

seems not so straightforward. Eventually decided to go with Column Expressions node (scripting but only simple if/else logic used) within 12 iteration loop. Workflow is on KNIME Hub so you can check it out:



Hi Ivan, thanks a lot!

I’ll give it a try :smiley:

Oh man, thanks a lot! I used to use Alteryx, just started using KNIME, I’m still in the frustrations period - learning. You saved my butt! Thanks again.

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Hello @filipisai,

glad it helped!

Maybe this topic and accompanying links help lower down the frustration :wink:


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