BUG: Column aggregator drops aggegation options with wildcard selection in mixed-type tables

Dear KNIMErs,

another bug report: the column aggregator occasionally drops aggregation options when using wildcard selection in mixed-type tables.

This happens if you type the wildcard selection statement from scratch, often starting with "*" - in this case, incompatible columns get indeed selected during the first keystrokes. However, even if only numerical columns are left after finishing typing, the numeric aggregation options are still missing. It appears that only the first obtained column filter state is retained for the options tab, and not the last state after clicking on the tab in question. Should be easy to fix (I hope :)).



thanks for reporting the issue. The pattern changes currently do not trigger an update of the available aggregators. We will fix this with one of the next bug fix release.

As a workaround you can trigger the update of the available aggregators by changing another option in the dialog e.g. by ticking and then again unticking the Case Sensitive option.

Sorry about that,