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When using the date and time widget node I am running into an error:
When the date is changed using the calendar icon, within 20 seconds the following appears:

If there is multiple widgets in one component all widgets come up with this error. This happens when opening components in the analytics platform (4.2.3) but not on the web-portal.

Any workarounds for this issue?

Hi there @REIDK_AIRP and welcome to the forum.

Sorry for the trouble here - our dev team is aware of the issue and someone will be reaching out to followup.

In the meantime, is it possible that you could provide an example workflow that demonstrates the issue? If it helps, you can send that privately to support@knime.com directly instead of posting it here.



I had a chance to look into the issue you reported and I can confirm there is indeed a bug with the calendar overlay when selecting a date with the DateTime Widget rendered in “Legacy” mode in a composite view in the Analytics Platform. We are working on a fix as we speak.

Hopefully I can provide some insight as well. As you pointed out, this issue occurs only in the AP and not in the WebPortal and it appears to be non-critical from a data integrity point of view. There is a duplicate event generated by the closing of the calendar popover which runs into a timeout (as the error message suggests). In that sense, it’s safe to dismiss the error message for the time being. We will provide a proper patch shortly which will remedy the underlying issue and improve the user experience.

Additionally, in KNIME 4.3, we released the new and updated DateTime Widget which does not suffer from this issue. This is in line with the continued improvement of the Widget node design when viewed in the browser. The legacy styling will still be accessible via the layout editor and no workflow migration/changes will be needed to use the same workflow, components and widgets from 4.2.3 in 4.3.

Hopefully this provides some insight and alternatives for you as you continue your workflow development. Thank you very much for reporting the issue. We look forward to having it fixed very soon.



Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for looking into it and taking the time to respond.

Due to our use of KNIME in production we are not yet updating to 4.3, but I am glad to know that when we do make this change the issue will be resolved.

Thank you for the insights.

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