[Bug] for node description activation a double click is not enough


The self-paced course L1-DW says, that a double click on the node description would suffice to overwrite it, but for me, it does not work. I need to explicitly click into the selected area.

Installation details can be found in [Bug report] KNIME GUI crashes when selecting the Secure Storage preference option

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Dear Thiemo,

Thank you for the question! I’m sorry for the confusion.

To be sure I understand it: Where exactly did you try to click in the first place and it didn’t work? You say “node description” - which is a separate panel in the KNIME workbench - but your screenshot shows the “node label”.

Could please you also point me to the module of the L1-DW course where this was explained so that I can make sure it is correctly explained?


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Hi Maarit

Thanks for getting at my petty bug report. Well, I was confusing terminology, label with description. I need to go through the course clips for the location. It will take some time, due to priorities, I am afraid.



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