Bug: Fuzzy text in node dialogs in Knime 3


In Knime 3.0 on the Mac retina machines, the text in the node config Windows is very low resolution and fuzzy looking. 


Hi Simon,

I couldn't reproduce the issue on my MacBook Pro with retina display. I tried the regular node dialogs, as well as some with scripting panels.

Could you post a screenshot of the behaviour? Which machines exactly are you using to get the effect?



My Mac is a Macbook Pro Retina Mid2012.  OSX is OS X Capitan version 10.11 beta. Processor 2.3GHz and 8GB Memory with NVidia GeForce GT 650M 1024Mb.


Attached is a screenshot of the Partition node. Note how the text is readable, but has somewhat fuzzy soft edges, compare that to the text on the actual workflow which is lovely and crisp. Also the title banner of the node dialog box is also crisp, its just the contents within the node dialog thats fuzzy.