Bug Geospatial Extension 1.2 release

Unfortunately, the results of Local Moran’s I and Local Getis-Ord G still contain the error in the spot_type and spots columns. I have already mentioned this several times.
The results in spot_type correspond to the results with ArcGIS and Geoda, only the assignment of the numbers in the spots columns is incorrect.
See Screenshot:

Please add it to the bug list.
@tobias.koetter In den Testdaten kann man das nachvollziehen, die ich mal zugesendet hatte.

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Hi Patrik,
Thanks for the quick tryout for our new release and give feedback for us. The spots didn’t consider the p-value. I already fixed this in the source code, which will be fixed in the next release. You can keep track of it in this thread (Local Moran's I and Local Getis-Ord G contain error in the spot_type and spots column · Issue #309 · spatial-data-lab/knime-geospatial-extension · GitHub).

Now you will have
0 for Not Significant,
1 for HH, 2 for LH, 3 for LL, 4 for HL

Let us know if you have other issues with our extension.

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