Bug in 4.6.0 on Windows: unnamed nodes gain name on copy/paste

Dear KNIMErs,

I have (what I consider to be) a bug in 4.6.0 driving me up the wall:

Any “unnamed” nodes (i.e. those completely without a node description) gain a “standard numeric” node description (like “Node ###”) when they’re copy/pasted – even though the very deletion of the node description is of course a conscious (ocd-driven :p) decision on my part, which I’d absolutely like to see repeated for any copies of the same node.

There may be a good reason for that , but maybe (hopefully) you agree with my assessment of this being a bug. :))

Many thanks,


Hi @Ergonomist , I would be inclined to agree. It’s not something I’d noticed but now you’ve mentioned it, I see the same behaviour in my 4.6.3 install on Windows, and I just tried it on an old version (4.2.2 which I happened to have recently installed to assist with a different forum question), and that does not behave this way.

The only (imperfect) suggestion I can offer (and it depends on how deep the ocd runs :wink: ) is that replacing the name with a single space (ie. F2-spacebar instead of F2-delete… and during writing this I see that KNIME is a little consistent here; sometimes it would be F2-CtrlA-spacebar instead of F2-CtrlA-delete… ) allows you to copy and paste “unnamed” nodes with impunity.


Many thanks @takbb, great idea! However, I’m afraid my OCD run too deeply to consider such a workaround, especially knowing that it just might be patched out with the Saint Nick’s release if this thread gains enough traction… :smiley:

But it’s a really clever option, and definitely easier to build a tidying-up workflow for than a line break (or similar) would be. I’ll keep that in mind in case 4.7.x doesn’t fix it, as it annoys me enough to take drastic measures. #JustCantHelpItSorry


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This bug will be fixed in 4.7.0, it was already reported to us.


:partying_face: Thanks @thor!

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