bug in cell splitter if guess column type is used


If I use “guess size and column types” with the cell splitter node, it treats an entry of 300D as a double, dropping the “D” character, instead of returning a string 300D. It does not do the same if I use another character for “D”, or append other alphanumeric characters after the D. The character F has the same effect.

Incidentally, column auto type cast node also has the same behaviour.

Looks somehow D (or F) are designator for double?

I have a screen shot of the input, configuration, output, and attached workflow.

Would be nice to have a way to guess size without converting column types, and to have documentation of the column type conversion. I can’t find any note on this in the node description either for the Cell Splitter or for the Column Auto Type Cast.

bug with cell splitter.knwf (10.3 KB)

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Hi David,

thank you for your detailed bug report and the attached workflow!

I will create a bug ticket!


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D and F are indicators in java for double (double precision floating point) and float (single precision floating point). You may well find that ‘L’ results in a Long integer too. Maybe this should be an option to treat these characters as such or ignore them?

There are a few other characters which might also be interpreted as part of numerals - see https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/nutsandbolts/datatypes.html (e.g. ‘_’)


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Thanks, I figure it might be that. However, this creates difficulty if this is always presumed, such as in the case I had.

Having the option to treat the cells as literal would be a good enhancement, and possibly also have the choice to accept type suffix or not, such as in the String to Number node.



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