Bug in CSV Reader


If you have cells containing New Lines (i.e. SDF Chemistry Column), when you write this out to a CSV file using a CSV Writer node, you are no longer able to read in the CSV file with a CSV Reader.

It reports the error; "ERROR     CSV Reader                         Execute failed: New line in quoted string (or closing quote missing). In line 2."

I have played around with quotes characters etc in the Writer and Reader nodes but have been unable to get this to work correctly. Surely if there is a line return within a set of quotes the reader should be able to understand this.



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Hi @richards99 and anyone else reading this.

I also encountered this issue but have found a work around.

To fix this issue, use the “File Reader” node using the following parameters:

-Click Advanced and set your quotes to whatever they are (by default usually ")
-Ensure that the option “Allow multi line quoted strings” is checked before pressing ok on the Advanced screen.
-Read in your column headers and define your column delimiters

Et voila! It should now be reading in your csv correctly.


Tnx for sharing your workaround :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,
i prefer the SDF-Writer node to exchange chemical structures between applications. Otherwise it maybe helpful to convert Mol-structures into Smiles format which causes less problems with csv-writer node.

If you don’t need the structure then exclude the structure with the column splitter node.