bug in Numeric Binner? (KNIME 4.7)


Has anyone observed a rather serious bug with the Numeric Binner node in KNIME 4.7 ?

Upon first configuration of the Numeric Binner, everythings looks and runs fine. That is until reset and some conditions which I am not yet able to reproduce for now. After that, it appears that the node runs with a green light without appending the newly binned columns.

Upon checking the relevant dialogue (even with green status), the bins defined in the relevant dialogue are scrambled (!) and no longer aligned. When clicking OK in the dialogue, an error message is shown according to which there would be “invalid settings”. It seems that due to this bin scrambling, the interval checking no longer works properly.

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Hi @Geo and thank you for contacting us.

In order to reproduce the same problem, could you please send us a screenshot or a small part of the workflow when this happened at least once? Then I can investigate what could be the cause of the problem.

Thank you for letting us know about the possible bug.

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Hi @josegallardo

Thank you for the feedback. I was indeed going to post screenshots yesterday but I could no longer reproduce the issue for this purpose. Nevertheless, I posted my question yesterday in the hope that your bug tracker would already report an issue. Your message appears to confirm that this would not be the case :slight_smile: Anyway, today I have found out how to reproduce the bug.

As I’ve already mentioned, upon first configuration, everything checks out fine. However, as soon as I simply copy the working Numeric Binner node and connect it again to the main flow, the copied node will show the reported behaviour. This is also true if I copy a metanode containing this node - IMO that’s the serious part because it is less obvious. Find here below a simply example for the purpose of bug reporting.

The faulty node reports green status but it fails to append the binned variety of the columns.

The originally configured node’s configuration looks like this. Please take a close look at the order of the bins and their ranges:

And compare that configuration with the one of the faulty node (while its status is still green). The order of the bins is now scrambled. This is true for any of the bin configurations without any exception in that node (even if in this example, there is only one such config):

When I push the OK button with the faulty node, a warning pops up:


I can’t get past that warning despite the green status and the fact that I haven’t changed anything.

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Hi @Geo

Thanks to your detailed explanation I was able to reproduce the same problem.

After copying the Numeric Binner node the bins get disorganised and that is the cause of the failure.

I will report the bug internally and create a ticket (AP-20018) for our developers to solve it as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for reporting the problem.

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Thank you, @josegallardo !

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