Bug in Pivot node using Variables


In the Pivot node, when trying to set the Grouping and Pivot column using variables there is often a problem.

It is possible to initially set the variables to control the columns successfully via Quickform nodes. However, once the user chooses a different column from the initial setup in the quickform nodes, when it gets to the Pivot node to apply the new settings, invariably this error is encountered;

WARN      Pivoting 0:905:891                 failed to apply settings: Loading model settings failed, caught "IllegalArgumentException": The include and exclude lists contain the same object.


When I go in and check the Pivot node settings and Flow variable settings, I can assure you different columns are being used for the Group and Pivot columns, and the include and exclude lists do not appear to contain the same columns to me.

Any ideas


Hi Simon, 

Not off the top of my head, I tried a simple example and it seems to work fine, but maybe you are doing something slightly differently? Have a look and let me know if you see a difference.

Best, Aaron

Hi Aaron,

thanks for taking a look, your workflow did work, but as soon as I added a second variable this is when all the problems started. I have attached a modified version of your workflow.



Did you manage to identify the bug?


Hi Simon, 

Sorry for the delay, we were quite busy with our user group meeting.  I see the problem now, and will see what I can do to get it resolved quickly.  



We identified the problem which we will fix for 2.9.2 -- released very likely next week. The underlying issue boils down to an invalid configuration caused by the variable assignment overwriting the exclude list while the include list contains the same value.