Bug in Table Column Bar Renderer


I noticed when I was viewing data in a Double column of an outport table using the bar renderer that one of the data points was renderered with too short of a bar. I verified this by plotting the data in Excel. In case it helps you debug, when the column is manually widened by dragging the column border, all of the bars lengthen except the bar in question.

I have attached a small workflow (with data) and an annotation describing how to view the bar in question. (Note: The workflow contains a Math node and modular data generation nodes). I am using KNIME 2.9.2 32-bit Windows version.

P.S. I have returned to using KNIME after a year, and found some very nice improvements overall!



The bar renderer scales the bars in relation to the smallest and biggest value in the column. I.e. the smallest value is treated as 0 the largest value as 1. All other values are scaled accordingly. In your column Row18 has the smallest value (1.4) and therefor the bar has zero length. This is also the reason why the bar doesn't scale when you make the column wider.

OK that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.