Bug in Table View?

Hello everyone!

I’m using the table view, and one of the columns is a double value (positive and negative) and has some missing values.

This column can’t be properly sorted in the interactive view. When I tried to sort it decreasingly, the missing values are shown first, followed by the highest values going to 0 then it continues to the smallest negative values and ends with highest negative value.

So let’s say the range is -8.5 to 6.5. Sorting them decreasingly results in:
?, 6.5, 4, 0, -8.5, -5, -1.

Sorting increasingly gives the same result as above, just backwards. When I filtered out the missing values, the sorting system works perfectly.

Can someone confirm if this is a bug or is it a mistake from my side?


Welcome to the forum @gmad23.

This is a little strange. I’ve been able to reproduce the behavior, and it looks like turning off the option to Display missing value as red question mark is a potential solution.

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much, your solution works! :slight_smile:

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