Bug in the MMP Molecule Multi-cut Fragment (RDKit) node

There is a bug in the node where when I select Maximum Cuts = 3, on some datasets it gets well and truly stuck indefinitely. Sadly I cannot share the datasets.
One example is with 4k compounds, selecting 2 cuts works in around 2 minutes, I select 3 cuts and it starts to progress nicely and then suddenly freezes at a certain point in the progress. When I hover over the node it says “x further rows finished, and waiting for release. y active threads”. These numbers never changed even after leaving it for 48 hours. It seems to be doing something as the memory heap space keeps jumping around, but there is never any further progress, it is like it gets stuck in an infinite loop of code somewhere.
Hope it can be resolved as this is a fantastic node along with the other MMP nodes from Vernalis.