Bug ? MySQL default values


I'm trying to use a Database Writer in a specific way : I've selected and names in KNIME all the column I want to append in my table, but if I don't specifiy any value for "non null" fields which HAVE a default value in the MySQL table, I get an error for each line :

WARN DatabaseWriterConnection Error in row #1: Row0, Le champ 'type' ne peut être vide (null)

basically says that the field named "typed" can not be null. Is that a bug or I missed an option ?


Sounds like if the database does not accept null-data item for the column "type". Null values are written into the database, when the actual data field contains a missing value in KNIME, this is represented by a '?'. You can replace those values before using the Missing Value node. However, can you please tell me which SQL data type this particular column has?

This is an Enum column which has a default value.

I don't really have '?' nor NULL values in KNIME, in fact the column just does not exists.

Imagine my table have 3 columns (ID / Name / Type), and my knime table has only 2 columns (ID / Name) fully defined. I precise that I can not simply "add" a column 'type' to my source.