Bug: Nodes found with Crtrl+F not properly being focused when zoom level isn't 100%


I think I found a bug with the Ctrl+F function and the zoom level, please tell me if you can reproduce it.

Expected behaviour:
Select a node from the Ctrl+F dropdown menu, the screen jumps to the location of the node (node selected is in the center of the screen)

Actual behaviour:
If the zoom level is bigger or smaller than 100% the screen doesnt properly centers the selected node

Steps to reproduce:
1.Open the workflow
2. Select a small or big level (e.g. 33%)
3. Press Ctrl+F
4. Double click a node not found on the screen

Tested with KNIME AP 4.1.2

Can you reproduce it?test_find_zoom.knwf (7.2 KB)

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Hi @tbtt -

Thanks for the bug report, and for the nicely reproducible steps and workflow. I can confirm that there is some weird behavior here in KNIME AP 4.1.3 - I’ll file a ticket (internal: AP-14299) to let the dev team know.

Sorry for the trouble!


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