Bug of Table Editor node

Hi all,

We’re using Knime Analytic Platform 4.0.2 and Knime Server 4.9.1.

We have discovered a bug of Table Editor with the search column fonction at the bottom of the table.
To reproduce the bug with this worflow :

  1. Search to have only 1 line in the table with the search zone at the bottom of a column. For example : search for Key 174d3d0b6dd-a9823c6f47e7
  2. Modify a value of the filtered line, called it NEW-VALUE
  3. Search with another Key to get another 1 line, ex : 174d3d0ca1e-93c0ac06160f
  4. The NEW-VALUE that we modified in 2nd step is automaticaly changed to the newly searched value, in this case 174d3d0ca1e-93c0ac06160f

Can you please confirm the bug and plan to correct it?

Thanks in advance,

Thanh Thanh

Hello @tttpham,

checked it and this happens when you “stay in cell edit mode” meaning you just click on search button after you have edited cell value regardless of filtering. To avoid it do following: after editing cell value hit enter button and then go to search filed.

Anyways ticket created to address it. (Internal reference: AP-15361)

Tnx for reproducible workflow example with steps!



Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the workaround ! This will help our users!

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Thanh Thanh

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