Bug? One2Many - Many column instances

Hi all,

i think i have found a bug:

try to replicate like this:

1.create a Data set like:

Row-ID | A
Row1 | Row0
Row2 | Row1
Row3 | Row2


about 70 records should be enough (better more).
read the data set in and try to split it with the One2Many node.

I get the message: “has no possible Values”

it works well for small data set., particularly if there are not many DIFFERENT values …




It seems that the One2Many has a limitation of max 60 different values per column. If this is true, is there a way to enlarge this ?

greetings Username


the One2Many uses the Column Domain to calculate the new columns.

Normally this Column Domain is restricted to 60 values. But using the Domain Calculator, you can create a domain of arbirtrary size.

Best, Iris

thx for that tip. i will try it next time i work on that further.



I am having this problem now and would like to know how to fix this?

How can I make one column into many columns when it exceeds 60 rows? 

One2Many results in the has no possible values error.

It is possible to have more than 60.

Connect up the Domain Calculator node, add the column of interest to the include list, and also increase the "Restrict number of possible values" to a number more than you have in the column. Now run this node.

Now connect up the One2Many node and this should perform as expected.


Thank you Simon!  This worked perfectly.