[bug?] 'pre' tag in node description in KNIME 2 vs. 3

Hey guys,

in KNIME versions before 3, parts of a node description surrounded with 'pre' tags were rendered as block with monospaced font, which made it easily possible to show longer code snippets. With KNIME versions 3+, text in 'pre' tags is just rendered using the normal font.

Attached screenshot is from the "Execute JavaScript" node from the Selenium nodes package, but the same behaviour also occurs with the "Java Snippet (simple)" node, e.g.

I guess this is some oversight in the description's styling? Would it be possible to get back the monospaced font?


Hi Philipp,

I just forwarded this to Thor, he is enjoying his holiday right now and will come back to you next week.

Cheers, Iris

Yes, someone (deliberatly?) changed the font for <pre> and <tt> to Roboto which is not a fixed-width font. Should be easy to repair.