Bug: Reconnecting incoming port of Google Sheets causes Knime to crash / hang

I’ve encountered this several times today and it seems if a Google Sheets node, i.e. an update node, has incoming nodes assigned but gets it’s re-assigned, Knime hangs.

Knime_2018-10-25-143042_Mikes-MacBook-Pro.hang.zip (111.5 KB)

Hi @mw

Thanks for your report. I’m trying to reproduce the problem without success.

Can you give me a little more insight, e.g. steps which reproduce the problem for you? Also what credential location are you using in the incoming connections? And when does KNIME hang, right after connecting or when the executing Google Sheets node?


Hi @oole,

apologize, lost track of that. The Google connectors have been updated recently and I modified my workflow accordingly. The workflow back then looked like so where I inserted wait nodes to mitigate API timeouts. Still I face those on a regular basis.

So far, with the new nodes it seems to work much better. Though, I think it’s more related to the Google API and not the nodes.

Anyway, thanks for your support! Closing the ticket.



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