Bug: Statistics table aborted: Columnar Backend FUBAR

This is problem (statistics not showing) led to another problem (statistics not calculating with columnar back-end).

Problem one
In the window showing the output table of a node. If the option to show table statistics (upper two-sided modal button Table|Statistics) is selected and the statistics table computation is aborted then clicking on the Table in the modal selection does not show the original data table.

Clicking on another node in a different branch of the workflow shows the output table of the other node. Clicking back to the failed node shows its output table (but not statistics, just the error message that statistics calculation was aborted).

Problem Two
In trying to recreate problem one, I checked the settings in the workflow for row or columnar back-end. Originally, the workflow was set to row-based back end (KNIME was set for columnar). I changed the workflow to columnar and reset the workflow, resaved it and executed all nodes again. This made no difference and statistics calculation was aborted.

However, switching from columnar backend to row backend in the KNIME global preferences - statistics are calculated and displayed.

There are still problems with the columnar backend that need identifying and resolving - probably around the handling of different data types.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. See above

Actual results:
Columnar backend aborts calculation of statistics.

Expected results:
Statistics calculated correctly when columnar backend selected.

Failure of statistics calculation does not cause the modern UI to fail.

knime.log (3.4 MB)

Windows 11


Thank you @DiaAzul for reporting the issue!

Attaching the ticket number for internal reference: NXT-1939


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Internal ticket ID: NXT-1939
Fix version(s): 5.3.0, 5.2.1
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