Bug: View of a component doesn't work with (heavily) nested components


Just wanted to report a small bug I have witnessed.
When you’re using a component with a visualization in a component, which is nested on the 3rd level (component → component → component), the views will not be displayed and you get following error message in the Knime console:

ERROR NestedComponents 20 Could not deserialize amended layout, returning original: null

Attached you find a example workflow, demonstrating this bug.
NestedComponents.knwf (34.0 KB)

Best regards,

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Hi @schulz_d ,

thanks for the detailed investigation, that’s much appreciated!

I can confirm the issue (for me, the view of the top level component will be displayed, but not the view(s) of the nested component and the error is the same) and opened a ticket for that (internal reference: AP-17443).

Best, Lukas


Hi David (@schulz_d),

I’m happy to announce that this Bug was fixed with the newest bugfix release, KNIME AP 4.4.2 (changelog). I just created a 5-fold nested Component which worked fine :slight_smile: Shout-out to the developers!

Best, Lukas


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