BUG -Weka nodes issue in knime 3.1


I am working with the Knime version 3.1. I faced some issues when i tried to work with Weka nodes for example: bagging. I can not choose a classifier. there is a choose button in the weka bagging node configuration but no list of classifiers appear. Same happens to other weka nodes like boosting and so on.


Any ideas what is going wrong?







the above problem i have mentioned seems to be a  simliiar problem like in this thread:


Dear Farhad,

thanks for noticing this. I just forwarded it to our developers. I will keep you posted as soon as this is fixed.

Cheers, Iris


I am also use the Knime version 3.1. I faced similar problem  with Weka nodes for example: SMO classifier.  I can not chnage or choose kernel type. A choose button exist in the confuguration window of  weka SMO node but no list representing the kernel types apperaed. 


Is there a any solutioun about this point?




Dear all,

this is fixed for KNIME Analytics Plattform 3.1.1, which will be released at the end of the week.

Best, Iris