Bug with R Views in Metanodes


when I put an "R View (Workspace)" node without connections into a Metanode, then the Metanode gets reset after each execution. That's especially stopping any loop that contains that metanode. You can convince that loop to execute step by step, though.

Additionally, when I use a variable containing only a filename to set the path of an "Image Port Writer" node, it complains that the folder didn't exist. If this behaviour is intentional, there should be a better error message, I think.





Edit: one more feature request: could you please enable SVG output for R nodes with image ports? That would be great!

Hi Lorenz, 

For your first question, I can't reproduce the colum. Can you attach an example?

We are already looking into adding SVG support to the R nodes and I've added your 2 cents to the conversation.  

Thanks for the feedback!


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