Bug - wrong behaviour when reshaping a backward link between 2 nodes

When I connect 2 nodes, either with data or variables, and that the second nodes is at the left of the first (what I call a backward connection), it is not possible to properly reshape the node when using curved connections.
Here is an example:
Before reshaping

After reshaping

This is not critical but a correction would be welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there!

Can’t say I understand what is happening here…

What does it mean to reshape the node?


This is due to way in which we are calculating the bezier curve around drag points; i will file a ticket about it.

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Dear @ipazin, when I wrote ‘reshape the node’, I meant ‘reshape the connection between the nodes’.
In other words, it means moving the ‘middle point’ of the curve to change its shape. Sorry for the confusion.
And indeed, it seems linked to the way the bezier curve is calculated as mentioned by @quaeler.
Thanks for your quick reaction!

Oh. I see :slight_smile: No problem.