Build a classification model which predicts something

Hello everybody!
Im totally newbie in KNIME platfrom and I have a question. I have a NBA players dataset and I have to do two tasks:

  1. Exploratory data analysis
  2. Build a classification model which predicts whether a player will spend more than 5 years in the NBA or less, based on player’s stats.

I’ve did the first one with DATA Explorer Node (Javascript).

I have no idea from where to start solving the second task… I assume that i need only the last column “TARGET 5Yrs”, but how to deal with that? I saw a lot of Youtube videos but still I cant figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

Welcome to KNIME Community Forum Miroslav!

  1. Using a Data Explorer node to conduct an exploratory data analysis is a start but in my opinion you should do a bit more exploration of your data. Good news KNIME offers you plenty of possibilities in this area :wink: For start check Wikipedia on Exploratory data analysis to get a better picture of what exploratory data analysis is. Also there is a lot of learning materials for KNIME. I recommend KNIME E-learning course where you will learn both KNIME, data importing and exporting, data manipulation and visualization (which is a big part of data exploration), and will get introduced to some predictive analytics.

  2. Considering you have to build a classification model you can focus your exploration around your variable of interest which is, and what you assumed well, “TARGET 5Yrs”. If you don’t know much about classification algorithms Wikipedia is a good start again. Then there is KNIME YouTube channel where you can find video tutorials to some classification algorithm KNIME provides.

There is also KNIME Hub which I recommend. You can search for nodes there, see in which workflows they are used and then inspect and download workflows.

I tried to provide some answers and guidelines and the rest is on you :wink:

If you will have any questions feel free to ask answering here or opening a new topic if not connected.

Happy KNIMEing!


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Thanks for your help and advices!
I am on it :slight_smile:

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