calculate centroid of the k-medoids clustering algorithm

hi all,

I want to calculate the centroid or the center of  cluster

I have a cluster which is obtained from other program (not knime)

I want to load the file that contains the cluster to KNIME and calculate or know its centroid

The method used is k-medoids to cluster documents, so that i want to know for each cluster which document is the centroid of its cluster and the distance


I want a node to take the cluster file as input and claculate or get the centroid of that cluster


so you did a k-medoids clustering and now you have your initial dataset with assigned clustermembership for every record, but without any meta-information about the clusters like their centroids. Did I understand that right?

Within each cluster sum up the distances for every record and then look for the one with the smallest value. This should be your medoid.

If you don’t have a distance matrix already, you can use the appropriate node from the distance calculation menu.

Hope that helps.