Calculate dates from columns to rows

Hello Friends, I am new to Knime and I need your help with the following situation: I have a table with unique records in the ID column, each ID has its price, start date and duration, I need to transform the data where I add the months starting from the start date based on the duration column and divide the price by one of the months regardless of whether the data in the ID column is duplicated.

Initial table
end table

I appreciate your great help

The One Row to Many node will expand your initial table based on the integers in the Duration column, to give you the desired number of rows. After that, you can divide Price by Duration using a Math Formula node.



I’m not sure I understand the values in the “month” column. How did you get them?

If there’s some manipulation of the dates happening, then it would be useful to have them in a KNIME Date format, which I haven’t done in this example.

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Thank you very much friend, it has worked for me, I will try the dates.

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