calculate features of labels after filled by Convex Hull

Hey everybody,

I extracted some irregular formed ovals from a image (Bitmask). Afterwards I used the Convex Hull Node to recreate the original form (Bitmask_ch).

In the next step, I want to extract the features of the labels, but when I use the Feature Calculator (Beta) Node I can only extract the features of the original labels (Bitmask), there is no chance to choose the Bitmask_ch as Image.

I also tried the Image Segment Features Node, where I can choose the Bitmask_ch, but this Node can only extract the Diameter, not the minimum and maximum Feret Diameter like in the Feature Calculator (Beta) Node.

I really hope someone can help,


greetings Christina

Hi Christina,

I can sadly not reproduce the problem, the Feature Calculator node happily processes the output of the Convex Hull node. I think your problem might be caused by some form of labeling / image type confusion. You can convert from one type to the other using the Image to Labeling or the Labeling to Image nodes. If that does not help, you can upload your workflow and an example image and I will look into it for you.



Hey Gabriel,

I just added a Image to Labeling Node behind the Convex Hull Node and now it is working. Thank you really much.

greetings Christina

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