calculate percent on two columns

hi dear form user

ı m new in knime . ı want to calculate discount percent. firs column about selling price, second columns about discount (type is money so all verable is under 0 ) and ı want to add a discount percent columns (between 0 and 100)

how can ı do ? thanks for giving advice


for ex:

first columb is have 35.26 selling price and total discount is -10.69 this tranzaction price is 24.57

What percentage of the total price is this value?

Hello @BerkayAkar,

to get discount percentage you simply need to divide other_discount column with selling_price column. For such calculations there is Math Formula node. Then you can configure newly column as percentage:




thanks for givig advice sir could you give a axample on workflow ?

have a nice day

Hello @BerkayAkar,

have you tried it? If yes where are you failing? Maybe you can share workflow example and then I can take a look and see where’s the issue.



thanks for giving advice and ı don’t know about math formula node using

Hi @BerkayAkar , I have uploaded a small workflow that uses the math formula as @ipazin has described.

What was it you were having problems with?

It is always better if possible to upload a workflow that you have been working on (even if it is just two nodes!) as it means people can help you more easily without having to go to lots of additional effort.

From your screenshot you had a data table so presumably you already had that in a workflow. (e.g you had a Table Creator, or some other data source).
The Math Formula node just gets connected to it like any other node.

If you are having problems understanding just the math formula node, I would suggest maybe watching the following video and see if that gives you any pointers:

and there are some good videos on youtube about Knime in general.

of course there are also the learning resources at KNIME Learning | KNIME

The forum is a good resource for getting assistance when you’ve tried to get something working and can’t figure it out but it isn’t a substitute for tutorials.

Now that you have a workflow, give it a try and have a play with it. If you have specific questions about it, then let us know what issues you are having, and what specific difficulties you are having.

KNIME_math formula node.knwf (8.3 KB)


thansk for yours advice sir its enough for me have a nice day

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