Calculate the Percentage from the same column


Hi All,

I have started learning KNIME and currently stuck with percentage calculation in the same column

Now I would like to calculate the HRA percentage for each column separately.

Formula is: HRA / Salary which is 4000/10000 = 40%

Could you please help me how to do this calculation and achieve 40% for each column?

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use a transpose node, do your calculation and use a transpose node again


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I did that, however when I used Math Formula (Multicolumn) to calculate the percentage I don’t see any column names in it.

Is there any other node which will help me to calculate the percentage?

Hi @tvsreekanth,

after your transpose node you have only string columns.
It seems you read your content from Excel-File. Setup your Excel-Reader with ‘Table contains column names in row number=1’ and ‘Table contains row IDs in column=1’.
If you then transpose your table, you will find your columns in Math Formula.

Hope this help


Unfortunately it doesn’t help me since I have used many other calculations before this and this is one of the cases which I need to calculate in the workflow.

Hi and welcome to the KNIME forum,

percentage.knwf (54.9 KB)

Feel free to ask any further questions.


P.S. The right approach is the one suggested by @Andrew_Steel, but as you said:

this is an alternative to solve your issue for now. But keep in mind to read column headers and row IDs (if available) in the future.


Thank you so much Armingrudd. This is exactly what I wanted :blush:

Thank you so much all for your help


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