calculate to p-value for multi-column

hi dear form users.

ı have a problem. firstly ı m new this platform and datascience. ı have a homework. ı applied preeprosessing on my table . My table ready for prediction. but ı have a question.ı dont have a idea for requirly columbs to prediction . So ı want to use backward elimination method and ı want to see p-value continuous. What should I do to see the p-value or to see the correlation matrix?

Hi @BerkayAkar
Have you seen the “Feature Selection Loop Start” node? I recommend looking at examples of working with this node at the bottom of this node introduction page.


Hi @BerkayAkar,

You can use Linear Correlation node and Correlation Filter node to see the correlation matrix and filer the result.
As Fatemeh said you can use Feature Selection Loop Start for feature selection, but if you want to use backward elimination method exactly, check Backward Feature Elimination metanode.



thanks for yur advice sir try it

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thanks for yur advice sir

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