Calculate yield loss

hi …which node to be used to calculate yield loss

Hello @manojmadhu,

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Think you are looking for Math Formula node:



but this action is not done …they warn me no data for configuration …what to do
if string cannot be add in math formula…how can add(+) two string columns

Hi @manojmadhu , you can’t use columns of type string with the Math Formula. You need to convert the columns to integer first. There are a few ways to do this.

Can you share how your data looks like?

iam doing a script work …you know the script work

Hi @manojmadhu,

As @bruno29a has said, the Math Formula node works with numeric data and doesn’t allow you to choose and perform operations on String columns. If you wish to perform numeric calculations in your script then you require numeric data. If your data is currently held in Strings, then you need to transform it into Integers, Longs or Doubles.

It’s very difficult for anybody to offer advice and help you in the abstract when you have provided little information about what you are trying to do, so to get help on something specific, it would be best if you could upload a small example workflow with some data (it only needs to be representative) and what you have tried so far.

If you can demonstrate the problem you have, and also if you can explain what you are trying to do with your sample input data, and what output you require, then somebody on the forum will be able to help you.

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script work? like coding???

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ok that was cleared . now please tell me how to make key making by pivot table

Hi @manojmadhu,

Currently I don’t understand what you are asking.
May I repeat part of what I said earlier, as I think this will help us to help you. thanks :wink:

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for example i need to calculate quantity -quantity and amount -amount on the basis of 1 this 1 column can be create a key. for the random uses

Hi @manojmadhu, what are you wanting to use as your key? Presumably your data already has something unique that is suitable. Please provide some sample data.

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