Calculating Percentages in Pivot Table


I have the following extract from a pivot table and I would like to calculate the percentages for each row:


However, the denominator in the percentage calculation needs to be the total of each type of payment method so I can’t just use the COL_SUM function in the Math Formula (Multi Column) node (e.g. for “Conproc” denominator would be (2+5+5+181+174+0 = 367) and for “Manual” it would be (7+1+0+52+17+0 = 77).

The final table would look something like this:


NOTE: I have the denominator totals from another pivot table but I can’t think of a way of using them with the pivot extract above.

Is there a way of doing this?


hi fostc80857 ,
my approach, splitting conproc/manual …
KNIME_split-calc-MM.knwf (109.1 KB)

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