Calculating the Mean of multiple scorer nodes

Hi there,

I am trying to find the total mean of 3 scorer nodes. Is there a way to easily do so?


Hi @puns1234

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One way to solve this (for a Classification scorer table but it would be the same for the Numeric Scorer):

  • Create a new column with the content of the RowID for every score table to preserve the name of the statistics (RowID node).
  • Concatenate the differente score tables (concatenate node). This node accepts in last KNIME versions several input ports so no problem with concatenating more than two scoring results.
  • Group the statistics by the name of your classes (newly created column) as you wish, for instance mean & standard deviation (GroupBy node).

Should you need the solution as a workflow, please post a minimalist workflow with the data and I’ll add the solution to it. Hope this is of help :slight_smile:

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