Calculating the number of working days between 2 dates in KNIME

I am new to KNIME and I am having to calculate the number of working days between two dates - I have looked at other discussions but for some reason, they are not working for me. Maybe I am missing something/ doing something wrong?

For context: My data source has dates ranging from Jan 2019- May 2020.

Can you clarify what is not working? Could you show an example of what you tried?

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One possible solution will be to use “Date&Time to String” node. In the Date Format field enter “eee”, this will transform the date to day name. Continue with “Rule engine” node and set a new column with values weekend and workdays something like this:
($Date$ = “Sat”) OR ($Date$ = “Sun”) => “weekend”
TRUE => “workday”

A second “Rule engine” is needed to set the range of days for example
($Date$>“2020-05-05T00:00”) AND ($Date$<“2020-05-15T00:00”) => “count”
TRUE => “not count”

And then use “Group by” to count workdays

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p.s. Maybe you need another table with holidays to tag and not count them

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Once you have converted to the KNIME Date&Time format, this sounds like a job for the Date&Time Difference node.

@ipazin has a workflow here that demonstrates how this node works inside a loop:

If you need a simpler example, maybe I can quickly make one.

EDIT: I missed the condition that this is about working days. The post below has some good examples that may help.



Try this
Count workdays.knwf (45.2 KB)

Double click to “Choose date range” component to select start and end date.

p.s. Or this for holidays

Count workdays, holidays,…knwf (54.1 KB)


Hi there @victoriajmay,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Seems this is frequent request and from experience solution depends on data format so sharing sample might help :wink:


Hi @ipazin and KNIME developers

The calculations with dates are frequent and KNIME offers some nodes to do this but I do not know for the node that made calculations like “workday” and “networkdays” excel functions.
If this node doesn’t exist … it can be done or upgrade the “Date&time Diference” node to do this job?

Thank you

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Hi @victoriajmay and others

Interesting topic. I created a workflow calculate_working_days.knwf (82.9 KB) that takes a table with two columns (startdate and enddate) as an input and returns the number of workingdays (Monday to Friday).

gr. Hans



I have made some research and found the math formula for calculate the working days between two dates
( )

and here is the workflow

NumberWorkDays.knwf (16.5 KB)


@andrejz, nice :grinning:
gr. Hans


Nice one @andrejz :wink:

Additionally now there is feature request to handle this easier. (Internal reference: AP-14411)



Are you asking strictly about “all days that are not weekend days” or are you also needing to avoid counting holidays?

what about creating a date table like the sort of date dimensions used in data warehouses, where not even weekends, but also national holidays, company holidays, … are marked. If interested, I can provide a SQL-Script to create and fill such table. If once created, the table can be stored in database or even in excel and used again and again. Less than 3.700 rows for 10 years is not that much.

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Thanks so much for this!

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Hi ipazin
how can i create week number of date?


Look at Extract Date&Time fields node. There you choose which data from date and time you want to extract, one of them is week number


thank you :pray: :relaxed:

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