calculation of manufacturing costs

Hello all,
I am trying to create an automated calculation. Due to different product properties and different manufacturing costs there are actual manufacturing costs.
How can I create my workflow that automatically calculates the probable manufacturing costs by importing the product properties ?
I would be glad about your ideas.
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An answer to this question really requires the ability to see the available data, some understanding of the underlying business and an understanding of the scope of the calculation. Without knowing what you have to work with on your end, it’s hard to point you in the right direction. Another thing to consider is whether this calculation is going to incorporate material costs only, or whether it needs to incorporate a percentage of overhead costs.


Hi @Antonia,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! This is not really a lot of information to work with. Does it all boil down to aggregating a couple of numbers? Then Math Formula and GroupBy are probably the nodes you are looking for.
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Some very general advice…

Ask yourself this: Are you trying to calculate costs at the “granular level” such as per manufactured so that you can use it universally in on the fly calculations (such as interactive dashboards), or are you trying to just do an off to the side summary level analysis?

You will likely need to build a support table with the necessary information to use for cost estimates.

Then you need to join it back to the main table with manufacture or sales info (with the Joiner node) so that you have the necessary info for calculations.

Depending on how you answered the questions above you it will dictate the detail required in the support table and how you join the tables. Once the tables are combined, you can proceed as @AlexanderFillbrunn suggested to do the summary calcs.


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