Calibration of image /measurement in other units than pixels

Hi Guys

I'm stuck here with a seemingly easy problem: 

I have a tif image in which I am labeling some things, and in the end I want to measure the labeled area. The image is originally 649x557 pixels which equates to 1614.43x1385.57 microns. Since I want to measure the areas in square-microns and not in pixels, I neet to calibrate the image.

I tried "set Image Metadata", this lets me label the axes and shows me the calibration (when checking the image properties table), but the labeled areas are still measured in pixels. 

Adjusting the dimension sizes with the image resizer node only led to a completely new image, of which the original image was a small part. So the image kind of kept its size but now the original image sits in the upper left corner of it and the rest is just white (but also measured!).

I am sure there is an easy way, I just couldn't figure it out yet. I hope you guys can help me.

cheers, Jonas


Hi Jonas,

As a workaround: Can't you do the calculation from pixels to physical coordinates after you extracted the features using e.g. the Math Formula node?


We are working on the improvement of the Image Feature Node to allow users to extract features based on the calibration of the images directly (which can be set via set image metadata). This is not working, yet. Sorry.